A.L.N’s commitment to Health and Safety begins at the very top. Alan Nash, owner and founder of A.L.N, is also our director of Health & Safety and committed to ensuring every employee understand and adheres to all the required H&S policies. The directors of the company believe it is imperative that Health & Safety is managed and communicated efficiently and effectively in order that everyone understands its, importance enabling us to create a safe working environment for everyone. Health and Safety is very important for the strength of the business.


A.L.N believes that training of all its operatives is an integral part of a safe working environment. Training is provided at all levels and in all different aspects of Health and Safety. A trained and competent person is best placed to make a correct decision in how to work safely. The company’s directors hold monthly meetings with site supervisors to discuss Health and Safety procedures, accepting that there is always room for improvement. This provides the platform for A.L.N to achieve our overall goal of a safer working environment for everyone.


Monitoring of Health and Safety on site is very important and regular weekly visits are made by our Health and Safety officer to each site. All information is recorded and reported which aids us in making adjustments and finding better ways of doing things.


Daily toolbox briefings are an important way of starting each day. It allows the supervisor to discuss what happened the day before and how that can be improved, but also to ensure that all employees know and understand how to carry out the tasks for the day in a safe manner. This raises awareness in the workplace of any potential dangerous situations that may occur.


Health and Safety should be something that the work force view as important and understand the need to comply with rather than something that they are instructed to do. Creating a culture that ensure this is an integral component in creating and maintaining the highest standard of Health and safety will ensure that at ALN we are able to achieve our overall goal.